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Welcome to the online resource to support the book ‘A Pictorial History of Newton Longville’. Here we have links to additional content, galleries and of course the ebook of the original publication.

The book was originally conceived back in the early 90′s by Roger Martin, at the time a photographer living in Newton Longville. He teamed up with Jimmy Bates also from the village to write a book about the history of the village with lots of photographs past and present to create a potted history of the buildings of interest. The draft manuscript was completed in 1992 using Microsoft Word, and sat around for a little while until Roger, whilst working as photographer and technician at Matrix in Stoke on Trent in 1995 was introduced to the Apple Mac and high quality photographic scanning.

Whilst living in Stoke On Trent in the Portmerion Villa’s Roger used his spare time with Quark Xpress and Adobe Photoshop to digitise the entire collection of photos and set the book in its entirety. With a loan from his parents and financial support from Jimmy the book was output using a digital filmsetter and plates created for printing at Ashley Graphics in Stoke on Trent. 500 copies of the book were printed and many of them sold at the launch in the Red Lion public house.

At the time of publishing Jimmy had moved to a beautiful farmhouse conversion in Herefordshire. Roger moved back to live in Milton Keynes, and now resides in Northants.

There are still plenty of copies of A Pictorial History of Newton Longville left at the time of writing. If you are interested in getting hold of one please email Roger directly.

Roger went on to become an international marketer with various companies, and in the late 2000′s set up a marketing agency called STAR Digital. Whilst moving into their first offices Roger found the original material for the book in an old archive box, including all of the digital files.

In 2009 he posted the entire photographic collection on to Flickr, and you can view this collection by clicking here. It has taken some time to convert the original book into a modern DTP format, and we have managed to re-create the original in Adobe InDesign and using our page flip technology we’ve finally created a full ebook for everyone to enjoy online at this web site.

This accompanying web site will include updates, addendum and photos that never made it into the book, and we welcome commentary, debate and other information from interested parties.